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All the site 's distribution lists have for sole object to inform our subscribers. This information can be commercial (offers without obligation) or informative. These distribution lists are free and sent only by Hérault Tourisme services.
Personal information is required to subscribe to the distribution list and to receive it, especially the personal e-mail address. According to the 78-17 law of Gl1/78 about "data processing, files and freedom" (equivalent to the data protection act),
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The content of the website is given for informationin only; this information is non contractual and non exhaustive. It contains descriptions and photographs. Hérault Tourisme accepts no responsability for innacuracy, mistakes or omission of the
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General Information

Site objective: information site whose object is to promote the Hérault as a destination for groups. Amongst the information given to internet users are services offered by Hérault Tourisme partners.

Territory: unless stated otherwise, the site is accessible to everyone living in France and outside France for information only.
The internet network being global, you accept to comply to all public rules relating to the usage of internet network and which are applicable in the country from which you are consulting the site.

Information given on the site: all information and documents given on the site are an indication only and have no legal value. Hérault Tourisme is not legally bound by the information contained in the website and has the right to modify it. All the prices, details and availability are supplied directly by the partners and presented on this website in good faith but without any liability
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Liability of Hérault Tourisme: Hérault Tourisme has taken the greatest care in the creation and realisation of this website. However Hérault Tourisme cannot accept any liability as to the accuracy, completeness of the information accessible via the Website.Consequently, no other warranties, conditions, undertakings, terms or other liabilities whether express or implied or otherwise arising out of or in connection with the use of the Website or any information on the Website are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by the French law. Some goods or services offered by Tourism establishments are present on the website via hyperlinks. Any booking is a contract directly between you and the tourism establishment and is subject to that establishment's usual terms and conditions. It is your sole responsability to check that these services/products on offer meet your requirements. Hérault Tourisme cannot be held responsable for any contract made between you and third party tourism establishments.

Despite all its efforts, Hérault Tourisme cannot guarantee that the Website and its content are free from viruses or anything else that has contaminating or destructive properties including where such viruses or other programs result in loss of or corruption to your data or other property. You need to make your own arrangements to keep your data and property free from viruses or other malicious or unauthorized programs and use an antivirus software to scan all information, software or documentation before downloading them.

Photographic acknowledgements

Home page (slide show): OT Balaruc Les Bains, OT St Guilhem Le Désert - Vallée de l'Hérault, G. Defrocourt - OTI Canal du Midi, OTI Pic St Loup, Olivier Octobre

Groups: Hôtel Eurociel, Le Poisson Rouge, Jardin St Adrien, Medithau, Bateau Bleu Marin, G. Defrocourt - OTI Canal du Midi, Domaine Alexandrin, Disini Luxury Hôtel, Le Cabaret, OTI Pic St Loup

Business: Lilian Martorell, Hôtel Océania Montpellier, Disini Luxury Hôtel, LGMDA, OT Montpellier - Cécil Mathieu, KayakMed

Young people: Auberge de Jeunesse de Sète, Accent Français, La Dragonnière, Réals Canoë-Kayak

Attractions (sightseeing): Hérault Tourisme, OTI St Guilhem Le Désert - Vallée de l'Hérault, OT Lodévois & Larzac,
Grotte de Clamouse, C. Naigeon, G. Defrocourt - OTI Canl du Midi, Sites d'Exception en Languedoc, J. Debru, Claude Besson, Grotte des Demoiselles

Useful contacts: Languedoc Nature, VIP Minicars, GuideSud


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